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IntroHumble Beginnings.

The kars for kids jingle has quickly become one of the most memorable and catchy radio ads of all time. Commonly known as the “kars for kids song”, the unique tempo and country twang have ingrained the words 1-877 kars4kids in to the minds of millions throughout the country. Composed by a country music writer and set to lyrics written by a talented volunteer, the 1877 kars for kids song has been sung by different adult and child vocalists throughout the years.

In November of 2014 for the first time ever, we aired our TV Commercial. The jingle has been instrumental in the continued success of the kars4kids car donation program, helping us make a difference in the lives of thousands of youth.

Despite its humble beginnings, the Kars for Kids jingle has embedded itself deeply into American pop culture. The iconic jingle has taken a life of its own with countless spoofs and mentions on national prime time TV shows including Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show and The Tonight Show.

Some love it, some profess to hate it and it’s become an art to rail creatively against it, but one thing is certain: all who hear the Kars for Kids jingle remember it. And with all the emotion it evokes, the jingle has been an instrumental tool in enabling the charity behind it to become a venerable force for good nationwide.

MediaRaving Mentions.

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1 877 Kars for Kids,
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1-877 Kars for Kids,
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