Kars4Kids Rolls Out New Tune for Classic Jingle


We heard you. (You were very loud.)

For years, we’ve been wondering: Why aren’t all of you falling in love with our jingle as hard and as fast as us? Why do you fail to appreciate this cinematic masterpiece airing on TV stations around the country? Why must you tweet and tag and generally harass us all because of a simple 30 second radio spot?

Well today, Kars4Kids is wondering no longer. They’re taking action instead.

The headline you saw above? It’s real. Kars4Kids is rolling out a new version of the jingle, and you’ll never believe the tune that we chose.

But listen with caution, because fair warning: This one will get stuck in people’s heads too. It’ll make its grand debut on April 1, 2021, but you can grab your sneak peek here:


VersionsOut with the old, in with the new

Old Jingle

  • Has reportedly caused violent reactions
  • Rough backlash on social media
  • Total earworm

New Jingle

  • Designed to make people break out in cheerful song
  • Be nice to us this time. Please.
  • Still a total earworm